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Congressman Hardy Offered Golf Buddy Taxpayer-Funded Job in DC

Las Vegas, NV – According to a new interview, Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy tried to hire his friend Brian Wursten, Mesquite Gaming’s director of golf, for a taxpayer-funded job in his House office in Washington, DC. Wursten, a City Council candidate who has worked in golf since the 1990s, appears to have no political or public policy experience that would qualify him for such a position.

Here’s what Wursten told Gaming Today:

“So I ran,” said Wursten, who was offered a spot a couple years ago on the staff of Republican congressman Cresent Hardy, a friend of his who also is from Mesquite, generally known for being a strong Democratic region.

“He felt like I have the mind for politics,” Wursten said. “That’s a scary thought, isn’t it?”

Wursten turned down the offer, which would have meant relocating to Washington D.C. for the initial two-year term with Hardy, who is up for reelection in November.

“Congressman Hardy is the epitome of a self-serving Washington politician, but trying to hire your golf buddy for a taxpayer-funded job in your Congressional office really takes the cake,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss.