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Hardy Ad Needs a Reality Check

Las Vegas, NV – Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy is out with a fuzzy new ad today that tries to whitewash Hardy’s record of extreme partisanship and offensive rhetoric, offering zero evidence (seriously – none at all) of his actual record.

“Weak rhetoric won’t mask reality,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Tea Party Hardy’s real record reflects he is out of step with voters in the 4th District – from his unequivocal support for Donald Trump to his opposition to commonsense gun safety measures to his dangerous agenda that threatens Social Security and Medicare.”

What Hardy’s ad left out:

  • Endorses Donald Trump “100 percent” and says he’ll “do whatever he wants me to do to help him get elected”
  • Says Trump’s “tone doesn’t bother me… He’s speaking the truth”
  • Brags that “you won’t find anybody more conservative than I am” on the issues
  • Believes that Nevada schools being underfunded “is a blatant lie”
  • Would have opposed Governor Sandoval’s bipartisan package to invest in education
  • Dismissed the need for education funding because “I don’t need a teacher to teach my children”
  • Voted to defund President Obama’s immigration actions to keep families together
  • Repeatedly voted to block efforts to help prevent suspected terrorists from buying firearms
  • Literally said that children with ‘severe mental illness’ should “absolutely” have access to guns without background checks
  • Agreed with Mitt Romney that “the 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now”
  • Sided with racist rancher Cliven Bundy (his longtime friend) and against law enforcement
  • Compared the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill to protect LGBT community from workplace discrimination, to “segregation laws”
  • Spewed offensive, racially charged rhetoric: “If somebody pulls up in a welfare district in a big fancy Escalade, do you think they need welfare at that time?”
  • Voted for the Republican budget to replace Medicare’s guarantee for seniors with a voucher program
  • Supports raising the Social Security retirement age to 75