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VIDEO: NV Dems Hit The Streets To Ask Question Heck Can’t Answer: Why Wouldn’t You Trust Donald Trump With Nuclear Codes?

Heck’s response to his support for Donald Trump is, “Why wouldn’t I?”

Las Vegas, NV – The NV Dems released a video today, asking Nevadans to answer a simple question Congressman Joe Heck couldn’t answer: why wouldn’t you support Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button? Not a single person had trouble answering the question, saying Trump is “too quick to pull the trigger” and is “not a person who can lead this country and represent us.”

Watch the video here.

In an interview with CNN, as other Republicans are literally running away from questions about Trump’s national security policies, Congressman Heck was asked if he trusts Donald Trump with his finger on the nuclear button and his answer was, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Congressman Joe Heck couldn’t answer a simple question that Nevadans have no problem answering: Why don’t you trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Donald Trump has a history of impulsive, inflammatory behavior and more than a hundred of foreign policy and national security experts agree that he’s too dangerous to be our Commander-in-Chief. Congressman Heck should stop putting his party first and listen to what the people of Nevada are saying: Trump is unfit to be our President.”