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“Koch Brothers’ Candidate” Congressman Heck Gets Millions In Support from Koch-Backed Groups

Four separate groups funded by Koch brothers are spending big to boost Congressman Heck because he will support their right-wing agenda in Washington


Las Vegas, NV – In light of new reports this week laying out just how invested the Koch brothers are in buying the U.S. Senate seat in Nevada for Congressman Joe Heck, the Nevada Democratic Party released a graphic of Congressman Heck with his favorite things: Charles and David Koch and their money.


Four separate groups in the Koch network have spent over $5 million attacking Catherine Cortez Masto in an attempt to distract from Heck’s record of votingwith the Kochs 9 out of 10 times. Koch-affiliated groups are also setting up offices across the state to “reach out to voters identified as being open to opposing Ms. Cortez Masto.”

“The Koch brothers have made Nevada their number one priority this year because they know Congressman Heck will continue to be their loyal foot solider in Washington,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “In Heck’s six years in Congress, he has consistently put his benefactors, the Koch brothers, ahead of Nevada by voting with their interests almost 90% of the time. The Koch brothers know the only way Joe Heck can continue to push their right-wing agenda forward in Washington is by attacking Catherine Cortez Masto’s record of working across party lines to solve problems and get real results for Nevada. Nevadans need someone who fight for them in Washington, not someone who has already shown he’ll be a rubber stamp for the conservative Koch agenda.”