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Congressman Hardy’s Remarkably Terrible August Press

Las Vegas, NV – For members of Congress, August recess is an opportunity to return to the district, remind your constituents why you’ve earned their support and make the case for re-election. But for Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy, it was just a terrible month for press.

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself:

The Las Vegas Sun reported on Hardy’s “100 percent” support for Donald Trump and his willingness to do whatever asked to put Trump in the White House.

The Washington Post awarded Congressman Hardy the top spot for “the most tortured GOP Trump response we’ve seen yet” after Hardy lied to a reporter about his support for Trump.

#NotTheOnion: KTNV’s Jon Ralston reported on Hardy speculating that Faraday Future, a major job creator in his district, is actually a Chinese plot to steal U.S. military secrets. Instead of walking back the conspiracy theories, Hardy doubled down.

Hardy’s office told Ralston that he “would have opposed” Nevada’s historic, bipartisan increase in education funding last session.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius uncovered eight more ‘awesome’ Hardy quotes from the campaign trail.

Once again, Hardy tried to lie to Latino voters on immigration reform, saying one thing to English-language media and then dramatically changing his tune for Spanish-language media.

Hardy was caught wasting taxpayer money on campaign mailers and Instagram ads.

“Congressman Hardy’s disastrous August press has reminded voters in the 4th District that he is too extreme and too offensive to represent them in Congress,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss.