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Nevada Leaders Set the Record Straight on Donald Trump & Immigration

Las Vegas, NV – Today in East Las Vegas, in advance of Donald Trump’s immigration speech in Arizona, State Senator and Congressional District 4 candidate Ruben Kihuen, Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, AAPI community leader Rozita Lee and local DREAMer Raul Ravelo set the record straight on Donald Trump’s divisive and hateful immigration proposals.

State Senator Ruben Kihuen: “No matter what Donald Trump says tonight in Arizona, his immigration plan will remain the same: forcibly remove millions of people from this country. My Tea Party opponent supports Trump ‘100 percent’ even though Trump would create a mass deportation force to round up and remove people, build an offensive wall on the border and end deportation relief, leaving millions of kids without a mother or father. Trump will always be Trump, and he is the same dangerous, fear-mongering racist that he was on Day 1 of his campaign.”

Assemblyman Nelson Araujo: “To Trump and his supporters, a great America is an America where millions of immigrant families have been removed or torn apart. If he ever makes it to the White House, Trump will rip apart families and deport millions of hard-working people from the United States. And it’s not enough to just stop Trump — we need to defeat his extreme allies like Congressman Heck and Congressman Hardy so that Hillary Clinton has a House and Senate that will pass immigration reform.”

Rozita Lee, President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: “Donald Trump isn’t just talking about his wall with Mexico – he recently expanded his proposed ban on legal immigrants entering the United States to specifically target the Philippines as ‘dangerous.’ Nevada is home to nearly 150,000 Filipino Americans who would be directly impacted by Trump’s reckless and discriminatory plan. In Nevada, we pride ourselves on our rich cultural diversity, and that’s why our state is going to reject Donald Trump.”

Local DREAMer Raul Ravelo: “Donald Trump began his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants criminals, drug dealers and rapists, and he has made demeaning and deporting immigrants the central issue of his candidacy. Immigrant families like mine contribute to the greatness of our country and the strength of our economy, and we need a President Hillary Clinton who will fight to keep us together. Donald Trump must stop fear-mongering and playing games with the lives of families like mine to try to save his campaign.”