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Congressman Hardy Lies to Reporter About Endorsing Trump

Las Vegas, NV – Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy is understandably torn – he supports Donald Trump “100 percent” but he also knows that Trump is crushing his lackluster re-election prospects. So when a reporter today asked him a simple question, “Do you endorse Donald Trump?” — Hardy tried to lie. That didn’t go so well.

Last we checked, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president.

“Congressman Hardy is a self-serving politician who is trying to rescue his re-election by lying to voters about his unequivocal support for a hateful, racist bully to occupy the White House,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “We take Congressman Hardy at his word: he supports Donald Trump 100 percent and will do whatever asked to help him get elected.”

Transcript of the exchange:

Reporter: “Do you endorse Donald Trump for president?”

Hardy: “I have not, no.”

Reporter: “Who are you endorsing?”

Hardy: “I’ve said all along that I will support the Republican nominee for president.”