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Congressman Hardy Prepares for Exit

Las Vegas, NV – A new profile from the Associated Press shows that even Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy doesn’t think he’s going to make it back to Washington next year.

–       Not even trying to fake confidence, Hardy told the AP: “I’m worried about my race.”

–       Hardy isn’t bothering to defend his Tea Party record. Even Republican Congressman Mark Amodei “joked that [Hardy] ‘runs from newspapers.’”

–       Hardy and Amodei were actually roommates in DC, but then Hardy didn’t sign a new lease… because he knows voters are sending him home in November. So Hardy “now sleeps in his office on an air mattress” — enjoying rent-free housing thanks to taxpayers!

–       Hardy’s political consultant Ryan Erwin says that, instead of being a Congressman, Hardy “could be just as happy sitting out next to his campfire.” We’re glad he’ll have a post-election hobby.

–       And this just made us LOL: “Hardy must also overcome his own tendency toward verbal gaffes, which contrast with Kihuen’s polish.” See examples here, here and here.