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NV Dems, Sanders Delegates Issue Joint Statement on Building Inclusive Party

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota attended the Nevada State Democratic Party’s State Central Committee (SCC) meeting in Las Vegas and delivered a speech on party unity. Following the SCC meeting, Congressman Ellison met with party leaders and Sanders delegates to discuss a path forward to build a more inclusive party. Congressman Ellison was invited to Nevada after he addressed the state’s delegation at a morning meeting at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Party leaders and Sanders delegates came together to issue the following statement:

Nevada State Democratic Party leaders and a majority of the Nevada Bernie Sanders National Delegates met in good faith yesterday under the guidance of Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) to discuss resolution of the conflict that arose at the Nevada State Democratic Convention on May 14, 2016. All participants agree that the Nevada State Democratic Party is a critical instrument for advancing prosperity, justice and equality in Nevada and the United States of America. All expressed the importance of expanding the reach and inclusiveness of the Nevada State Democratic Party.

After four hours of deliberations, members from both sides of the table shared mutual concerns about the State Convention. Both parties acknowledge that inadequate convention time, the tone of certain communications and the lack of mutual respect has been an issue that needs to be and will be addressed moving forward.

In the interest of unity, the parties to the dialogue agreed that vacated State Central Committee seats will be filled with an eye toward making a concerted effort to include Bernie Sanders delegates and to reach equitable representation of the delegate support allotted to Senator Sanders at the end of the State Convention. Sanders supporters elected to the Executive Board in coordination with the county chairs of the Nevada State Democratic Party will determine the list of potential candidates for seating.

Roberta Lange – Chair, Nevada State Democratic Party
Adam Stuart Littman – Chair, Sanders Delegation CD-4
Chris Wicker – First Vice Chair, Nevada State Democratic Party
Leroy H. Pelton – Delegate CD-3
Chris Miller – Chair, Clark County Democratic Party
Carol Cizauskas – Delegate CD-2
Regent Allison Stephens – DNC National Committeewoman
Erin Bilbray – Super Delegate
Christine L. Kramar – Member, Democratic National Platform Committee
Tacy Geesaman – Delegate CD-3
Joe Sacco – Delegate CD-1
John Geremia – Delegate CD-3