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NV Dems Present Congressman Hardy with Anti-Spy Bug Detector

Last week, Congressman Hardy doubled down on conspiracy theory claims that Faraday Future is a plot by the Chinese to steal U.S. military secrets

Las Vegas, NV – After Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy doubled down last week onconspiracy theory claims about Faraday Future being a plot by the Chinese to steal U.S. military secrets, the NV Dems today presented Congressman Hardy with something that’s clearly on his wish list: an anti-spy bug detector!

Congressman Hardy seems to be in lonely company on this issue. Governor Brian Sandoval and Senator Dean Heller both repudiated Hardy’s baseless ramblings against the major economic development project coming to North Las Vegas. Even the conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board wrote yesterday, “The notion that Wo Fat and his operatives might set up shop at Faraday to snoop on Nellis or Area 51 seemsfantastically conspiratorial.”

“If Congressman Hardy ever seriously thought his conspiracy theory concerns about Faraday Future were “legitimate,” hopefully this anti-spy bug detector will help him start investigating after more than eight months of silence,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “All jokes aside, it’s time for Congressman Hardy toforget the James Bond intrigue and shoot straight with voters: why isn’t Hardy advocating for a project that could bring thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs to his district?”