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UPDATE: Congressman Hardy Now Wasting Taxpayer Money on Campaign Mailers

Las Vegas, NV – First it was Instagram ads, now it’s campaign mailers.

Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy has started stuffing mailboxes with campaign material on the taxpayer dime. The new mailer, which comes with a hilarious disclaimer that it is “provided as a service to 4th District Constituents,” is quite clearly designed to be a service to the accidental Congressman’s sagging re-election effort.

“These campaign mailers from Congressman Hardy’s office on the taxpayer dime are just the latest evidence that he is just a self-serving Washington politician, using public resources to try to protect his personal political career,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “We’ve asked before and we’re asking again: how much money is Hardy’s office going to waste on these ads to prop up his floundering re-election campaign instead of serving his constituents?”