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VIDEO: Pence on Trump’s Tax Returns: Ask the Campaign

Henderson, NV – Following Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s town hall in Henderson yesterday, where he was asked about important issues like Sharia Law and Cliven Bundy, KTNV Las Vegas asked Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick a real question about why Trump is refusing to release his tax returns.

Pence’s answer? “I think I’d just recommend you talk to the campaign.” Seriously.

Watch the video clip here.

“Instead of forcing his running mate to be his clean-up crew, Donald Trump should just stop ducking and finally release his tax returns,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “For the last 40 years, every Republican and Democratic presidential nominee has released their tax returns, and there’s no reason a business fraud and scam artist who rooted for the housing crash should be the exception. Trump’s extraordinary refusal to release his tax returns raises the question: what is he hiding? Nevadans deserve to know.”