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ICYMI: In Las Vegas, Senator Reid Rips Donald Trump

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada Senator Harry Reid ripped Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and called on him to follow 40 years of precedent in presidential races by releasing his tax returns. Read all about it below:

KSNV Las Vegas: Reid rips Trump, Heck


LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — It was a simple question. I asked Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada, what he thought of some of the polling and some of the experts who say Nevada may be a November toss-up. Recent polling has Clinton up slightly, although her lead is within the margin-of-error.

“Jeff, I don’t believe in polls. Don’t believe ‘em,” Reid told me.

“They don’t work anymore, so I don’t believe in any polls,” the retiring Senator said outside a newly-opened community health clinic, where he just received a public thank you for his effort to get it open.

The election is 84 days away and Reid can barely contain his loathing for the nominee of the Republican Party. He sure didn’t contain it outside the FirstMed Health and Wellness Center on Shadow Lane.

“I can’t imagine Nevada would vote for someone as shallow, mean-spirited, who dislikes a long line of people, including women, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics,” Reid said, referring to Trump.

“Trump. Nevada can’t vote for Trump,” he added.

Since the conventions, Hillary Clinton’s Philadelphia bounce has proven to be more durable. Nevada may be tight, but the Democrat is opening up leads in other battleground states. Reid offered Trump advice about boosting his numbers.

“I think what he should do if he really wants to get some support in Nevada and around the country – how about letting us see his income tax returns?” Reid asked. “I’m pretty good at talking about income tax returns.”

Yes, Reid is. Just ask Republican Mitt Romney, whom Reid needled in 2012, claiming that Romney may not have paid taxes. (He did.) Four years later, he’s giving Trump the Reid Tax Treatment.

Is Trump hiding something, I asked?

“Is he hiding something,” Reid asked, somewhat incredulously. The Senator chuckled. “He’s hiding his life.”

Trump says he will release his returns and says he can’t right now because he’s being audited. The IRS says an audit does not stop Trump from releasing anything. Democrats suspect Trump does not want to reveal information that could show he’s not as rich as he claims.

I reached out today to the Trump campaign for comment but did not receive a response.