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Congressman Heck Fundraises with Author of GOP Budget That Would Increase Benefits for Top 1% at the Expense of Low and Middle Class Americans

Congressman Heck has been a loyal Paul Ryan supporter, voting for his budget that would drastically cut funding for student-loan aid that helps working families and would turn Medicare into a voucher program, costing Nevada seniors thousands

Congressman Heck reminded Nevadans last week that he will put his Party first, even when it comes to harmful policies or a dangerous and divisive candidate who is a threat to America’s national security

Las Vegas, NV – Today, reports surfaced that GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan was in Nevada earlier this month, fundraising for Congressman Heck and accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy. This is hardly a surprise, given Congressman Heck’s loyalty to his Party bosses in Washington. Congressman Heck has repeatedly supported Paul Ryan and House Republicans’ budget that would hurt hundreds of thousands of Nevada men, women and children. And just last week, Congressman Heck reminded us that he will put his Party first, criticizing Republicans that refuse to back their Party’s racist and bigoted nominee, Donald Trump.

“Congressman Heck fundraising with Paul Ryan is a reminder to Nevadans that he will put his Party’s interests ahead of our interests,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck has spent over half a decade in Washington siding with his Party against Nevadans. He has voted for House Republican budgets that slash investments for the middle class while cutting taxes for people like Donald Trump. Nevadans deserve a Senator who will look out for us, not Congressman Heck who blindly follows the Party line no matter how many Nevadans get hurt in the process.”