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ICYMI: Congressman Hardy Supports Trump “100 Percent” & Will Do Whatever Asked to Elect Him

Las Vegas, NV – Last month, accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy was trying to spin that he was the kind of leader who would hold Donald Trump “accountable.” This week, it became clear that Hardy was lying.

First, Hardy’s campaign declined to denounce Trump’s shocking, dangerous comments suggesting ‘Second Amendment people’ could act against Hillary Clinton. Instead of standing up to Trump’s reckless suggestion of violence, Hardy’s campaign manager texted a reporter: “It is not our campaign or candidate to comment about.” What a profile in courage.

Then, the Las Vegas Sun reported on new audio from a private meeting of the Nevada Republican Men’s Club, where Hardy said he supports Trump “100 percent” and would “do whatever he wants me to do to help him get elected, and I think he’ll do the same for me.”

“No wonder Congressman Hardy has failed to stand up to Donald Trump – behind closed doors, the truth is he’s an unabashed, 100 percent Trump supporter who will do whatever it takes to help him get elected,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Hardy is so firmly in Trump’s camp that he couldn’t even bring himself to criticize Trump’s reckless suggestion of violence against a candidate for President. Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit for the White House, and Congressman Hardy’s unwavering support for Trump is disqualifying.”