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Congressman Hardy Wasting Taxpayer Money on Instagram Ads

Las Vegas, NV – Looks like his re-election campaign is struggling so much that accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy has resorted to using taxpayer money through his House office to sponsor Instagram ads (a social media platform he barely uses) promoting political messages. The ads look an awful lot like his campaign message – for example, an ad about ‘Balancing the Budget’ also happens to be the very first issue on his campaign website. The irony of claiming to be concerned about “the overly bloated federal budget” while running taxpayer-funded Instagram ads about wanting a balanced budget speaks for itself.

“Congressman Hardy needs to explain to Nevadans why he’s preaching limited government while spending taxpayer money on Instagram ads,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “This is yet another reminder that Congressman Hardy is just another self-serving Washington politician. How much money is Hardy’s office going to waste on these ads to prop up his floundering re-election campaign instead of supporting constituent services?”