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While Las Vegas Families Continue to Struggle, Trump Actually Rooted for the Housing Crash


Today’s New York Times: “Las Vegas is a glittering promise built on a simple truth: The house always wins. But years after rotten loans and plunging home values made Las Vegas the center of the housing crisis, thousands of people have yet to recover from the cataclysm that tipped the United States economy into a recession.” [New York Times, 8/2/16]


CNN: Donald Trump in 2006: I ‘sort of hope’ real estate market tanks

NBC News: Trump in 2007: ‘I’m Excited’ for Housing Market Crash

“Nowhere was hurt worse by the housing market crash that Donald Trump was rooting for than Las Vegas,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “While many Nevadans are still trying to recover from the effects of the Great Recession, Donald Trump was ‘excited’ to go ‘crazy’ and make millions off of their financial struggles. The truth about Donald Trump is that he’s an out-of-touch billionaire who would exploit Nevada’s working families to line his own pockets.”