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Assemblyman & Marine Corps Veteran Elliot Anderson on Trump’s Disrespect for Military Service

Las Vegas, NV Nevada Assemblyman Elliot Anderson, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in Afghanistan, released the following statement today on Donald Trump’s escalating disrespect for veterans and military families this week:

“Donald Trump’s disparaging attacks against our military families and veterans is yet another glaring red flag for all Americans who love our country and respect our men and women in uniform. This dangerous demagogue would threaten our national security and put our armed forces at risk because of his unstable temperament and his total lack of judgment or respect for veterans. Trump’s escalating smears against a Gold Star family who lost their son on the battlefield in Iraq show a total absence of human decency and empathy. And Trump has continued to refuse to apologize. His offensive joke that he “always wanted” a Purple Heart shows how little he understands the immense sacrifices of our veterans, service members and their families. No military member or veteran ‘wants’ a purple heart. Hillary Clinton is the strong, steady and experienced leader we need to keep America safe and support our nation’s heroes as our next President.”