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Cortez Masto Calls For Middle Class Tax Cuts, Congressman Heck Votes To Cut Taxes For Corporations That Ship Jobs Overseas

Congressman Heck has voted repeatedly to allow U.S. companies to receive tax breaks when they ship jobs overseas

Las Vegas, NV – Former Nevada Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto continued her tour across Nevada this week, talking with voters about her plan to provide tax relief for middle class families. Cortez Masto’s plan provides a $1,000 tax cut to Nevada’s hardworking men and women by eliminating tax loopholes that benefit Big Business, including eliminating tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Cortez Masto’s opponent, Congressman Heck, has voted repeatedly to protect tax breaks that incentivize U.S. companies to ship jobs overseas.

“While Catherine Cortez Masto is offering solutions to build up Nevada’s middle class, Congressman Heck votes with the corporations that are slowly outsourcing it,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “We need a Senator that works to keep jobs here in the U.S., but Congressman Heck has voted to reward companies that ship jobs overseas. Congressman Heck has always been a reliable vote for special interests and Big Business, even when it costs Nevada’s families.”