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Congressman Heck Can’t Run Away from His Failure to Stand Up for Nevada’s Immigrant Communities

Congressman Heck refused to discuss voting record with Las Vegas immigration activists after Hispanics in Politics breakfast last week

Heck staffer gets rough with immigration activist in rush to get Congressman Heck out of the event, police report filed

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Immigration Activist Files Police Report Against Joe Heck Aide after Protest

Las Vegas, NV — Last week, Congressman Heck spoke at the Hispanics in Politics breakfast, where he did his typical Washington speak when asked about his record of siding with the Republican party over Nevada’s immigrant communities. After trying to paper over his record, Congressman Heck refused to answer questions from immigration activists outside of the breakfast, literally running away from the activists (and the Las Vegas press corps).

According to reports over the weekend, the attempts to get Congressman Heck away from his constituents got heated and an activist has since filed a police complaint against one of his staffers for assault. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal “Immigration Activist Files Police Report Against Joe Heck Aide after Protest” and the Associated Press “Immigration Activist Accuses Heck Staffer of Assault.” KNPR and Telemundo also covered the incident.

“While the details of the incident last week are still unfolding, one thing remains clear: Congressman Heck is no friend of Nevada’s immigrant community,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck voted to defund DACA and tear families apart. He also has ‘high hopes’ that our next President will be Donald Trump, who has called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘drug dealers.’ It is sadly no surprise that Congressman Heck fled after being confronted about his anti-immigrant record. However, Congressman Heck won’t be able to avoid it when Nevadans hold him accountable on November 8.”