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NV Dems Obtain Copy of Congressman Heck’s ‘Congrats!’ Note to Sheriff Joe Arpaio for RNC Speech

Las Vegas, NV – Last night, Congressman Heck’s good friend, anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio, delivered remarks at the Republican National Convention. As Congressman Heck was too busy (literally) running away from his anti-immigrant record here in Nevada and could not be there in person, he sent a congratulatory note to Sheriff Arpaio for his…impactful…speech at the Convention. The NV Dems obtained a copy of the note:

Dear Sheriff,

Wow! What a great speech! Your anti-immigrant rhetoric was really so inspiring, as per usual. I remember our time together back in 2013, lamenting about how we needed a Presidential candidate who would take our concerns about birthright citizenship seriously…looks like our wish came true!

I am so excited that I’ll be on the ballot in November with a candidate like Donald Trump – someone who shares my beliefs that we should tear immigrant families apart, keep millions of undocumented immigrants in the shadows, and repeal the citizenship of American children born to immigrant families. And how about him taking on Judge Curiel?!

Congrats again on the great speech. Please let me know when you’ll be able to make it to Las Vegas to campaign with me. I would be honored to share the stage with you, once again!

In solidarity,

Congressman Heck