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Danny Tarkanian “Hypes Trump” at Republican National Convention

Las Vegas, NV – The headline – “Congressional candidate Tarkanian hypes Trump at convention” – pretty much says it all. In a new interview reported from Cleveland, the Las Vegas Review-Journal sat down with failed businessman and perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian to discuss his love affair with Donald Trump. Tarkanian, currently the “underdog” in Congressional District 3, is the only Nevada congressional candidate attending the Republican National Convention to see Trump officially become the GOP nominee tonight (we heard he even took this picture).

In the interview, Tarkanian rushed to Trump’s defense against “ridiculous” and “absurd” attacks, and he explained that he supports the divisive GOP nominee because Trump “articulates issues that I agree with.” And the number one thing Tarkanian wishes Trump hadn’t said? Not labeling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” mocking a disabled reporter or calling women he doesn’t like fat pigs and dogs – it was his criticism about Dr. Ben Carson.

“While Danny Tarkanian is preoccupied with hyping Donald Trump in Cleveland, Nevada voters at home are watching a nuclear dumpster fire unfold on national television,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Whether it’s demonizing immigrants, punishing women for abortions or threatening to abandon our NATO allies, Tarkanian is proudly in lockstep with Trump’s reckless and offensive agenda.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Congressional candidate Tarkanian hypes Trump at convention


Posted July 20, 2016 – 5:25pm
Updated July 20, 2016 – 11:43pm

CLEVELAND — Danny Tarkanian will be in Cleveland for the rest of the Republican National Convention.

He is the only Nevada congressional candidate attending the convention, running in the 3rd District.

Tarkanian arrived Tuesday evening. He’s not a delegate, though his wife, Amy Tarkanian, is a Nevada delegate.

For Tarkanian, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is the obvious choice over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Asked about Democrats criticizing the GOP’s nominee for president, Tarkanian said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd.”

In an interview Wednesday, Tarkanian said Trump has “said a lot of things I wish he hadn’t said,” including comments about former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

But Tarkanian, like Carson, supports Trump. Carson endorsed Trump after dropping out of the race.

“In short, he articulates issues that I agree with and the Republican Party agrees with and Hillary Clinton is the antithesis of that,” Tarkanian said.