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While Party of Trump Celebrates Disastrous Economic Agenda, Culinary Workers Endorse Clinton

Las Vegas, NV – Today, while Republicans in Cleveland celebrate Donald Trump’s disastrous economic ideas, Nevada’s largest union officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in Las Vegas. In her speech to the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, Clinton touted the need to pass immigration reform, protect the rights of union workers and build an economy that works for everyone.

Here’s a reminder of Trump’s me-first business record and anti-worker agenda:

“As our next President, Hillary Clinton will be a champion for Nevada’s working families on issues like raising the minimum wage, passing immigration reform, and fighting for affordable health care,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Donald Trump in the Oval Office would be a complete dumpster fire for our economy and the American people because he is reckless and has only ever cared about enriching himself at the expense of working families.”