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Congressman Hardy Can’t Escape Donald Trump

Las Vegas, NV – With Republicans poised to nominate a racist, misogynistic bully as their nominee for President later this week, accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy is now steering clear of Cleveland and praying Nevadans forget about his steadfast support for Donald Trump. His staff must have read this Roll Call article ranking Hardy the second most vulnerable House incumbent in the country, in part because Trump “will likely be a liability down-ticket.” When asked about the Republican National Convention, Hardy’s staff has started offering up interesting responses like “[he] will likely not be commenting” and “nope.”

But here’s the truth: Hardy has been an unwavering supporter of Trump’s disgraceful campaign since he became the GOP’s presumptive nominee, and he’s even promised an official endorsement in the near future. When it comes to Trump’s offensive rhetoric, Hardy says: “His tone doesn’t bother me… He’s speaking the truth.” Earlier this month, at a meeting with Trump and other House Republicans, Hardy accused his Democratic opponent of using Trump’s racism as a “wedge issue” and then said he’s “satisfied” with Trump’s outreach to Latinos and other minority communities.

“With his disqualifying record of denigrating people with disabilities, attacking immigrant families and rushing to racist rancher Cliven Bundy’s defense, Congressman Hardy looks more and more like the original Donald Trump,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “When Nevada voters head to the polls, they won’t forget that Hardy empowered Trump’s divisive candidacy.”