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Reminder: Republicans Heck, Hardy, Amodei, Tarkanian Would Turn Nevada into Nuclear Waste Dump

Las Vegas, NV – Washington Republicans were once again trying to revive their terrible idea to turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump with a subcommittee hearing in the House of Representatives today. While some Republicans like Governor Sandoval have remained vocal Yucca Mountain opponents, key Nevada Republicans on the ballot this year are signaling they’re on board with moving dangerous high-level nuclear waste to our state.

While Senator Reid has successfully fought this misguided project for decades, Congressman Heck says he’s open to negotiations about bringing nuclear waste to Nevada. Danny Tarkanian thinks Yucca Mountain is “ideal” for a nuclear waste dump. Congressman Hardy started his first (and final) term pushing Nevadans to support some sort of lousy bargain in exchange for turning the state into a nuclear dumping ground. Congressman Amodei also wants to “have that discussion” and expose Nevadans to the risk of an environmental catastrophe.

“If these reckless Republicans win their races in November, they will throw away decades of tireless work in Washington to protect Nevada from becoming a nuclear waste dump,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “While Democrats will continue to oppose any effort in Congress to develop Yucca Mountain, Republicans want to elect a Congressional delegation that would happily pave the way for bringing this disastrous project back from the dead.”