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Not Just Atlantic City: Donald Trump’s Shameful Record of Stiffing Contractors & Attacking Workers Extends to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – In Atlantic City on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump for his failed and reckless business record, including stiffing contractors and exploiting workers to line his own pockets. But unfortunately it’s not just Atlantic City – Trump’s disturbing record of unsavory business practices also extends to his management of Trump Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal told the troubling story of Larry Walters, a Las Vegas drapery factory owner who was forced to shutter his business in 2011 after Trump refused to pay Walters for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of additional work his hotel had explicitly demanded.

And just last week, the Huffington Post uncovered that Trump “shelled out more than half a million dollars last year” trying to undermine workers who won a union election in December and are still fighting to get a fair contract at Trump Hotel. According to the Culinary Union, workers at Trump’s hotel earn roughly $3 less an hour than workers at other unionized hotels on the Strip.

“In Las Vegas and across the country, Donald Trump isn’t a business success – he’s a bully and a fraud whose top priority is enriching himself at everyone else’s expense,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss.“Whether it’s leaving his suppliers empty-handed when he decides to stiff them, or fighting tooth and nail to deny his own workers a fair union contract with decent wages, Trump is always more than happy to exploit working people in order to line his own pockets.”