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Las Vegas Review-Journal: Danny Tarkanian Is a “Far-Right Conservative” Whose Campaign “Mirrors Donald Trump’s”

Las Vegas, NV – In a new profile of Henderson community leader and first-time candidate Jacky Rosen, the Las Vegas Review-Journal highlighted the stark contrast with her extreme Republican opponent Danny Tarkanian. The RJ correctly identified Tarkanian as a “far-right conservative who is running a campaign that somewhat mirrors Donald Trump’s.”

The RJ also noted that Tarkanian introduced Trump at a recent event in Las Vegas, their shared agenda to demonize immigrants by building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and his many failed previous campaigns for public office. And to top it all off, Tarkanian took a page out of Michael Roberson’s book by declining to be interviewed.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Tarkanian, 54, is a far-right conservative who is running a campaign that somewhat mirrors Donald Trump’s. Like Trump, he’s in favor of a “strong wall” between Mexico and the U.S., opposes taxes and wants to make America “respected and feared again,” according to his campaign website. Tarkanian even introduced the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee at a rally in June.

He has never won a general election. He advanced to the general election when running for state Senate in 2004, for secretary of state in 2006 and the 4th Congressional District in 2012 before eventually losing in the respective general elections. He lost to Sharron Angle for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 2010.

Tarkanian declined interview requests from the Review-Journal for this story, saying through a spokesman that he was upset over a previous story the reporter wrote.

Tarkanian, 54, had a strong showing in the primary, fending off over $1.5 million in late-election dark money ads to knock off party favorite state Sen. Michael Roberson with relative ease.

But that surprise walloping hasn’t stopped some pundits from predicting a switch from red to blue for CD-3. When the matchup of Rosen and Tarkanian became official, the Universality of Virginia’s Center for Politics’ Larry Sabato switched his prediction for the district from a “tossup” to “leans Democratic.”