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Tea Party Senator Parrots Congressman Heck in Comparing Social Security to a Criminal Enterprise

Las Vegas, NV — Looks like conspiracy-obsessed Congressman Heck is writing the talking points for other GOP Senate candidates this year; or he’s at least letting them borrow his tin foil hat. The Huffington Post recently uncovered comments from Wisconsin Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson in which he describes Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme.” While Johnson’s comments are clearly out of touch, Congressman Heck has him beat by a few years. Congressman Heck has called Social Security a “pyramid scheme” that “isn’t working” multiple times. He even wants to privatize the program and subject the retirement security of Nevada seniors to the whims of Wall Street.

Clearly, Congressman Heck was ahead of the trend when it comes to Republican Senate candidates comparing Social Security to a criminal enterprise,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Next thing you know, other Republican Senate candidates will be following Congressman Heck’s lead in promoting debunked conspiracy theories about Sharia Law.