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NV Dems to Congressman Heck: The Moon Landing Wasn’t Staged

Las Vegas, NV – Earlier this week, BuzzFeed reported that Congressman Heck was parroting Donald Trump and pushing a debunked right-wing conspiracy theory about Sharia Law being implemented in Michigan. In light of Congressman Heck’s apparent ignorance that this isn’t…um…a thing… Nevada Democrats decided to educate Congressman Heck on other debunked conspiracy theories we are now worried the Congressman may believe.

See below for a list of debunked conspiracy theories Congressman Heck might promote the next time he leaves Washington and returns to the campaign trail:

  • The moon landing was not staged.
  • No, Elvis is not still alive.
  • Jon Snow’s father…whoops, spoilers.
  • Sasquatch is not hidden away in Yucca Mountain (though if Republicans like Congressman Heck had their way, nuclear waste would be.)


We hope this is helpful the next time Congressman Heck is on the stump. We’d hate for him to embarrass himself. Again.