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VIDEO: Danny Tarkanian & Donald Trump Are “Joined at the Hip Now”

Las Vegas, NV  While some Republicans are desperately trying to mitigate the down-ballot effect of Donald Trump’s divisive candidacy, Danny Tarkanian took a different tack this weekend. On Saturday, the Nevada GOP’s favorite perennial candidate proudly helped introduce his party’s racist, misogynistic presidential nominee at a bloviating and incoherent rally on the Las Vegas Strip.

The next day, “Politics NOW” host Steve Sebelius weighed in on Tarkanian’s risky move and laid out the fact that Tarkanian and Trump are “joined at the hip now, from now until November.” Sebelius also noted that “it gives Jacky Rosen an opening to just needle him with every new [Trump] remark that comes down.”

Watch the video clip here.

With his ultra-conservative views and scandal-ridden past, Tarkanian has started the general election as an underdog against Henderson community leader Jacky Rosen. Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, and the district has a growing Democratic voter registration advantage.

Political observers are already making ratings changes in favor of Democrats to win back this battleground seat, and even Tarkanian agrees that he doesn’t have an edge. In his Reno Gazette-Journal column yesterday, Jon Ralston wrote that “Rosen has impressed in the early going” and rated the race LEAN DEMOCRATIC.