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Victoria Seaman: Michael Roberson Will Come Crawling to Support My Campaign

Las Vegas, NV  Now that he’s done losing his campaign for Congressional District 3 to an ultra-conservative extremist, GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson has a new losing endeavor between now and November: trying to elect an ultra-conservative extremist to protect his one-seat majority in the state Senate. Last week, Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman defeated establishment-backed Assemblyman Erv Nelson in a nasty and expensive primary battle for Senate District 6, a Democratic-leaning open seat.

In a radio interview with Kevin Wall last week, Seaman was asked a “far-fetched” question: would Roberson actually support her? Roberson has yet to make a public statement about Seaman… but she remains confident that Roberson will get over his own ego and come crawling to support her candidacy, replying, “Oh, I think he will. He will definitely support me.”

Seaman is a distinguished member of the ‘Make Nevada Great Again’ caucus and one of the most fringe members of the Assembly (which is saying something). She made her misguided opposition to last year’s bipartisan tax increase for education funding the central argument against her opponent – just like Danny Tarkanian did against Roberson.

“This should be fun to watch!” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss.