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NV Dems Unified & Energized for 2016 General Election

Las Vegas, NV – Earlier today, the NV Dems hosted a press conference in Las Vegas with Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange and our Democratic ticket, including U.S. Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, CD3 candidate Jacky Rosen, State Senator and CD4 candidate Ruben Kihuen, Senate Democratic Leader Aaron D. Ford and Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair Irene Bustamante Adams. Our party and our candidates are energized to win the general election – ready to hold Republicans accountable for their extreme policies and their embarrassing support for Donald Trump as our next President.

Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair: “We have important races in Nevada up and down the ballot that we need to win, and I couldn’t be more excited about our historic ticket and the Democrats who have stepped up to lead us to victory in 2016.”

Catherine Cortez Masto, U.S. Senate candidate: “Nevadans will have a clear choice in November between my record of working across party lines to solve problems, and Congressman Heck’s record of putting his party’s bosses in Washington ahead of Nevadans. From opposing a woman’s right to choose, to wanting to privatize Social Security, to voting to defund DACA and DAPA and tear families apart, to supporting Donald Trump – who wants to ‘punish’ women who have abortions and attacked an American judge’s Mexican heritage – Congressman Heck is completely out of touch with Nevada families.”

Congresswoman Dina Titus, Congressional District 1: “The November election will be a referendum on our values, a true indication of what our nation stands for and what direction we will take. That’s why it is so important that Democrats come together to continue our push to raise wages, pass immigration reform, and ensure equal rights for all of our citizens. It’s clear that the xenophobic Party of Trump does not share our beliefs nor does it support our agenda, which lifts all people and in doing so makes our country stronger. Indeed, they want to take the country backwards and push policies that benefit the few at the top. So please join me and my fellow Democrats as we work hard in the coming months to get the message out to voters that, at home and abroad, if Donald Trump were in the White House it would be a disaster.”

Jacky Rosen, Congressional District 3 candidate: “I’ve seen firsthand the real struggles of working families in Southern Nevada. I see the opportunity to turn those challenges into meaningful solutions that improve people’s lives in my district. I am focused on the needs of our community: raising the minimum wage and creating more good-paying jobs, making college more affordable, protecting a woman’s right to choose, passing immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and protecting Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. My opponent Danny Tarkanian could not be more out of touch. He wants to raise the retirement age and privatize Social Security. He’s a climate change denier. He wants to build a wall instead of passing commonsense immigration reform. He supports defunding Planned Parenthood and opposes a woman’s right to choose – even in cases of rape and incest. And, of course, Danny Tarkanian is an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump and his reckless, dangerous agenda.”

Ruben Kihuen, State Senator and Congressional District 4 candidate: “I am humbled by last night’s victory and proud to join a historic ticket that, when successful, will elect the first female President, first Latina to the U.S. Senate and first Hispanic immigrant to Congress from Nevada. I believe we offer voters a stark contrast with the shameful and reckless policies represented by Donald Trump and Congressman Cresent Hardy.”

Aaron D. Ford, Senate Democratic Leader: “Last night’s primaries set the table for Democrats to take control of the State Senate this year. While Republicans have nominated extremist candidates who are more interested in pursuing right-wing politics than in growing our middle class, Democrats will be talking about the issues that matter to Nevadans. We’ll be fighting for good jobs with fair wages, quality schools and affordable higher education, and for treating Nevadans of all backgrounds with the respect they deserve.”

Irene Bustamante Adams, Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair: “The entire Democratic caucus is hungry to take back the majority, and we will work just as hard to win in November. The rift in the Republican Party is apparent up and down the ticket, and the GOP looks more divided than ever after tonight’s primary election. We are laser-focused on helping these terrific candidates every step of the way to ensure they are fighting with us in Carson City next session to strengthen middle class families and build economic opportunity.”