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VIDEO: Roberson Getting “Nervous” About CD3 Primary

Las Vegas, NV – Don’t miss KLAS Las Vegas on the increasingly nasty attack ad spending spree in the CD3 Republican primary. With five days to go until the primary and ultra-conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian leading in private polling, Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson and his establishment Republican backers are hitting the panic button. With Roberson increasingly “nervous” about the state of the race, it’s no wonder an out-of-state billionaire’s super PAC is now trying to bail him out and drag him across the finish line.

Here’s a transcript of the TV clip:

Anchor: “Two candidates in the Congressional District 3 Republican race have been on a spending spree this year. Danny Tarkanian and Michael Roberson have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on attack ads against each other. And as political reporter Patrick Walker shows us, a last-minute spending push may give some insight into who’s winning that race.”

Ad #1: “Double-dealing politician Michael Roberson couldn’t tell the truth if it hit him in the head.”

Ad #2: “Corruption. Fraud. Telemarketing schemes. Danny Tarkanian.”

Reporter: “Attack ads like these in the Congressional District 3 race have played hundreds of times on local channels in recent weeks. And you’re going to see more in the next five days. A lot more. Filings with the Federal Elections Commission and National Cable Communications show a $1.2-million-dollar ad buy by a pro-Michael Roberson super PAC. That’s more than 2,500 ads on cable over the next six days, and a similar number on broadcast stations.It’s a move that could signal Michael Roberson is trying to make up ground on Danny Tarkanian in the polls.”

Steve Sebelius, Review-Journal Columnist: “He’s not taking any chances, and if I had to guess, I’d say he got a little bit nervous now by the state of the race.”

Reporter: “The Tarkanian camp says they have seen consistent exit poll data and other polls showing that they’re anywhere from 8-15 percent ahead of Roberson in the CD3 Republican race. However, there aren’t any public polls out there. Review-Journal political columnist and “Politics NOW” co-host Steve Sebelius says name recognition and other indications he’s heard show Tarkanian as the frontrunner. But he believes it’s no runaway race.”

Steve Sebelius, Review-Journal Columnist: “I think you’re going to see a very close race on election night, in that district specifically.”