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VIDEO: Congressman Heck’s Office Slams Door on Nevada College Students

Students prevented from voicing their concerns about Congressman Heck’s support for predatory for-profit college industry

Watch here

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada college students were prevented from expressing their concerns to Congressman Heck about his support for the for-profit college industry, which is widely known to be plagued with schools that deceive students and leave them with thousands in debt. Students attempted to deliver Congressman Heck a diploma to remind him of his failure to crack-down on the industry that often preys on minority and low-income students, yet were quickly refused from his Congressional office.

“I am appalled that Congressman Heck’s office wouldn’t even take a few minutes to listen to our concerns as students and Nevadans,” said Kelton Sorenson, University of Nevada Las Vegas Sophomore. “How is Congressman Heck going to represent the concerns and priorities of Nevadans in the Senate if he won’t even take the time to listen to us as a Congressman? It’s clear that Congressman Heck only cares about his fellow Washington Republicans, not Nevadans.”

“It is extremely disheartening that we were prevented from expressing our concerns with Congressman Heck about his support for an industry that scams and defrauds students,” said Jorge Corral, UNLV Junior. “As the son of immigrants and the first in my family to go to college, it is extremely important to me that our elected officials will work to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, age, background or religion, has access to quality, affordable education, which is why I support Catherine Cortez Masto. She will fight for us in Washington, while it is obviously not a priority of Congressman Heck’s.”