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Nevada College Students Deliver Congressman Heck Honorary Trump University Diploma


Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada college students delivered Congressman Heck an honorary diploma from the Trump University School of Student Scamming, recognizing the Congressman’s notable distinction in his advocacy for the predatory for-profit college industry. Recent reports have shown that Trump University employed deceptive tactics and exploited vulnerable, lower-income students to pay tens of thousands for useless degrees – practices also common among the for-profit college industry.

Instead of working to protect vulnerable students from deceptive for-profit schools and prevent millions in federal funds from going to these schools, Congressman Heck has voted to relax regulations on the industry. Not very surprising then that Congressman Heck has accepted over $37,000 in campaign contributions from the for-profit industry, including donations from the now-closed Corinthian Colleges, and DeVry University, which is currently being sued for ‘deception’.

“Congressman Heck deserves a reminder of the deceptive, predatory industry that he has worked to empower while in Washington – and every Nevadan seeking an education that has been hurt in the process,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck’s support for for-profit colleges – along with his votes to cut Pell Grants– makes it clear that he is more concerned with siding with the special interests and his Party bosses in Washington, than supporting Nevada’s current and future students.”