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After Trump’s Racist Comments, Tarkanian Falls in Line While Roberson Cowers in Fear

Las Vegas, NV – Despite the widespread condemnation of Donald Trump’s textbook racist comments about a federal judge’s Mexican heritage, Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson’s “craven silence” when it comes to his party’s presidential nominee – a candidate he’s pledged to support – is just downright embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing is conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian, who claims to have not heard Trump’s repeated racist attacks but still “firmly supports” him anyway.

When asked for comment by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Roberson did not respond to phone calls or emails.” Sound familiar?

Here’s what Jon Ralston had to say: “Nothing from state Senate Majority Leader and would-be congressman Michael Roberson, who probably wants to keep the Trumplodytes appeased during his primary against Danny Tarkanian (who told the Las Vegas Review-Journal ‘he hasn’t heard the remarks, but he firmly supports Trump regardless of what was said.’) What’s worse, Roberson’s craven silence or Tarkanian’s willful ignorance and blind loyalty?”

“After Donald Trump’s unhinged racist attacks on a sitting federal judge’s Mexican roots, Michael Roberson is refusing to criticize or even answer questions about the bigoted candidate he’s supporting for President,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “Meanwhile, Danny Tarkanian is still falling in line behind Trump without even bothering to find out just how racist his latest offensive comments were. Republican primary voters in Nevada’s 3rd District have quite the choice between two Trump-loving Republicans – one a coward, and the other a lemming.”