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Embarrassing: Republican Billionaire’s Super PAC Will Try to Rescue Roberson’s Floundering Primary Campaign

Las Vegas, NV – With less than a week to go before the June 14 primary, the NV Dems got an exclusive sneak peek inside Team Roberson HQ:


Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson’s floundering primary campaign against conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian in CD3 is going so badly that Ending Spending Action Fund, a right-wing super PAC financed primarily by a Nebraska billionaire, is having to spend a whopping $1.3 million on last-minute ads to try to drag Roberson across the finish line.

In his Morning Flash today, Jon Ralston wrote that Roberson needs the ads to catch up to Tarkanian, adding “Yes, I smell panic.” After Roberson refused to debate his opponent last week, Ralston noted his appreciation for Tarkanian’s willingness to debate “because he is the frontrunner.”

“If Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson somehow survives this primary fight, it will be because out-of-state special interests dragged his flailing candidacy across the finish line,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “Regardless of next week’s outcome, this desperate super PAC spending is deeply embarrassing for Roberson’s campaign and a disaster scenario for establishment Republicans.”