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VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Hutchison THRILLED! About Trump

Las Vegas, NV – The NV Dems are still waiting for Donald Trump to come back to Nevada as soon as possible, but Nevada’s Republican Lieutenant Governor, out-of-touch millionaire Mark Hutchison, doesn’t appear to share our enthusiasm. Sad! At a party earlier this week, Hutch dodged not one, not two, but three separate questions on how he plans to support Trump’s presidential campaign.

First, he chuckles awkwardly and turns away. Then, visibly irritated, Hutch asks, “Were you invited to this party?!” and clears his throat. Finally, a supporter urges Hutch “don’t talk” in response to another Trump question. Watch the video here.

Just last month, Hutch publicly pledged to support Trump as the Republican nominee. Nevada’s leading GOP gubernatorial candidate for 2018 is well known for being “on social media more than Kim Kardashian” – but Hutch apparently doesn’t have much to say about Trump.

“It’s no wonder Lt. Gov. Hutchison wants to downplay his endorsement of Donald Trump and is so unbelievably desperate to avoid talking about the racist, misogynistic demagogue Republicans have nominated for the White House,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “Donald Trump fundamentally lacks the temperament and judgment to be our next President, and Republicans up and down the ticket will have to answer for his fraudulent schemes, reckless policies and disgusting insults.”