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Congressman Heck Has “High Hopes” Donald Trump Will Be President

Las Vegas, NV – Congressman Heck continues to reiterate his full-fledged support for presumed Republican Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, stating “I have high hopes that we will see Donald Trump become the next President,” while campaigning earlier this week.

Each week, Nevadans are reminded that Congressman Heck’s endorsement of Donald Trump to be President means he also endorses Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric and backwards agenda.

“Instead of having ‘high hopes’ for passing comprehensive immigration reform or creating an economy that works for everyone, Congressman Heck apparently has ‘high hopes’ for a Presidential candidate who calls Mexicans ‘rapists’ and wants to ‘punish’ women who have abortions,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck’s full embrace of Donald Trump is unsurprising, however, given their shared agendas. Whether it’s abolishing birthright citizenship, opposing comprehensive immigration reform, opposing an increase to the minimum wage, or wanting to repeal a woman’s right to choose, it’s clear that Congressman Heck and Donald Trump will not fight for the issues that matter to Nevadans. We need a bipartisan problem solver like Catherine Cortez Masto in the Senate who will stand up to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda, not a Washington Republican like Congressman Heck who would carry the water for Trump in the Senate.”