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As Trump Denies Drought & Climate Science, Lake Mead Hits Record Lows

Las Vegas, NV – Thanks to a 16-year drought in the Colorado River Basin and the effects of a warming climate, water levels in Lake Mead recently hit at an all-time low, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. But in a speech last week, reality TV star Donald Trump told a crowd in California that there is no drought – that in fact, state officials there were just denying water to farmers. Resorting to conspiracy theories is nothing new for Trump, who has previously dismissed the threat of climate change as a total hoax and a concept “created by and for the Chinese.”

While Democrats have laid out forward-looking plans to expand renewable energy and tackle climate change, Trump is still trying to explain why he’s “not a big believer” in the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change. And just last week, Trump rolled out a disastrous plan to cancel the Paris climate agreement and undo the Clean Power Plan.

“With Lake Mead hitting record-low water levels, Nevadans want leaders who understand the threat of climate change and have serious plans to address it,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “While Democrats are working to act on climate change and bring water back to the West, serial liar Donald Trump is actively denying the consensus of climate scientists, embracing fringe conspiracy theories and promising to exacerbate problems like drought and water scarcity.”