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Roberson Sighs Loudly, Squirms on Trump

Las Vegas, NV – With less than three weeks to go before the June 14 primary, Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson is struggling to gain traction in his CD3 primary – and struggling to explain where he stands on Donald Trump.

In a recent interview with Steve Sebelius, Roberson was asked whether he supports Trump and plans to vote for the racist, misogynistic billionaire for President. After sighing loudly, Roberson deflected by lamenting his options, bringing up Marco Rubio’s failed campaign and then fully committing to “support the nominee for the Republican Party” while desperately avoiding saying Trump’s name. Spineless! In a follow-up question, Sebelius asked, “What impact do you think Trump is going to have on your race?” Roberson’s immediate reply was a sad smile and “Don’t know.”

But Roberson knows exactly what impact Trump is having on his campaign – so it’s understandable that he’s squirming. He’s losing his GOP primary in a district where 50 percent of Republicans caucused for Trump. And if he somehow makes it to the general election (big if), Roberson will be running in a district with a growing Democratic voter registration advantage that President Obama carried in 2008 and 2012.