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Still Waiting for Congressman Heck to Denounce Donor-Funded Smear Campaign Against Catherine Cortez Masto

Special interest group known for “race-baiting” running ad smearing Cortez Masto

Las Vegas, NV – Last week, Jon Ralston broke the news that a special interest group bankrolled by a billionaire donor of Congressman Heck’s campaign is running a disgusting ad attacking Catherine Cortez Masto on women’s health. Days later, Congressman Heck has yet to denounce the ad, much less call on his donor to take it off the air.

The group, Americas PAC, has been accused of race-baiting by the RNC, denounced by Republicans like George W. Bush, and has ties to an extremist hate group. The disgusting ad makes blatantly misleading statements about Cortez Masto and her pro-women’s health record. This ad, and Congressman Heck’s subsequent silence, just goes to show that when it comes to Congressman Heck and his campaign bank-rollers, nothing is too far.

It is sadly no surprise that Congressman Heck has not denounced this disgusting ad,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party.  “Congressman Heck has voted repeatedly to defund Planned Parenthood, voted against giving women equal pay for equal work, wants to eliminate a woman’s right to choose, and supports Donald Trump, who believes women should be ‘punished’ for having abortions. Nevada deserves leaders like Catherine Cortez Masto who will stand up and protect women’s access to preventative healthcare, not a politician like Congressman Heck who will kowtow to Washington Republicans and special interests at the expense of Nevada’s women and families.