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Roberson’s Primary Woes Continue

Las Vegas, NV – Early voting for Nevada’s primary elections starts this Saturday, and Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson appears to be in big trouble in his primary race against conservative businessman Danny Tarkanian.

As Jon Ralston noted in his Reno Gazette-Journal column this weekend:

The governor has embraced his main legislative lieutenant, Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, who is running for Heck’s seat and has trailed badly to perennial contender Danny Tarkanian in public and private polling. (Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, mirroring her role in the Legislature, is not a factor.) Tarkanian has tried to hang the tax increase around Roberson’s neck, and it may strangle him.

It’s true – Tarkanian and the rest of the Republican field in CD3 are directing all of their fire at Roberson over “the nasty “T” word – taxes.” Roberson’s role in pushing through Governor Brian Sandoval’s commerce tax is – surprise, surprise – wildly unpopular with GOP primary voters.

Meanwhile, Roberson is antsy to prove just how extreme he actually is. In an extensive new interview with Steve Sebelius, Roberson talked at length about his opposition to an earned path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, his opposition to Wall Street reform and his plan to defund Planned Parenthood.