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Math Is Hard for Sanders Campaign

Apparently simple math proved challenging for the Sanders campaign on Saturday night – but it really shouldn’t take three days to figure out this one:

Based on the county convention results, Bernie Sanders had 2,124 delegate seats at the State Convention and Hillary Clinton had 1,722 delegate seats at the State Convention.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was organized:

  • Clinton filled 1,695 of her 1,722 delegate seats.
    • Math: 1,722 – 1,695 = 27
  • Clinton had just 27 delegate seats vacant.
    • Math: 1,695 ÷ 1,722 = 98.4%
  • Clinton filled 98 percent of her available delegate seats at the State Convention.

Bernie Sanders’s campaign was not organized:

  • Sanders filled just 1,662 of his 2,124 delegate seats.
    • Math: 2,124 – 1,662 = 462
  • Sanders’s campaign still left a whopping 462 delegate seats vacant.
    • Math: 1,662 ÷ 2,124 = 78.2%
  • Sanders only filled 78 percent of his available delegate seats at the State Convention.

Reality check on the Sanders campaign’s conspiracy theory allegations on 64 ineligible Sanders delegates who were “denied”:

Only eight of these ineligible delegates – people who weren’t registered Democrats as of May 1 or failed to provide missing identification information – even attempted to register at the State Convention.

Six of the 64 potential delegates were seated after investigation.

Fourty-four of the 64 potential delegates had prior notice of ineligibility and the Sanders campaign had every opportunity to provide the necessary documentation.

The ten members of the State Convention’s Credentials Committee consisted of an equal number of supporters from both campaigns.