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Another “Trump of a Week” for Congressman Heck

Congressman Heck already shared Donald Trump’s agenda – now he’s “absorbing” Trump’s campaign message

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada Republican candidates had a photogenic week. Speaker Paul Ryan had a groveling week. Mitt Romney had an ironic week. Congressman Heck had (another) Trump of a week.

It’s been another bad week for Congressman Heck as the Washington Republicans propping up his campaign got called out by the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius for lying about Catherine Cortez Masto.

Then, after doubling down on endorsing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump last week, Congressman Heck moved even closer to Trump this week when he adopted Trump’s campaign message. Congressman Heck stated to CNN that “anybody who wants to restore America’s greatness … I’m for,” and as explained by Jon Ralston, that means, “Restore America’s greatness = Make American Great Again. Full absorption.”

Let’s remember what Trump means when he says he wants to “Make America Great Again” – restricting a woman’s right to choose and deporting thousands of Nevada DREAMers, to start. Gee – no wonder Congressman Heck supports him.

This week left no question that Congressman Heck’s endorsement of Trump and their shared anti-immigrant, anti-women agenda will hurt the Congressman’s campaign for Senate.

  • New Poll Shows 45% of Voters Less Likely to Vote for GOP Senate Candidate Who Supports Trump.

  • Trump Makes Life Harder for Colorado and Nevada Senate Candidates: Large Latino populations make flipping those seats harder for Republicans. “It’s “damn hard” for Republicans to win a state like Nevada with a minuscule proportion of the Latino vote, said Democratic pollster Mark Mellman….Each state’s Republican nominee will need to court Latino voters while running alongside a candidate who, according to polls, is deeply unpopular with Hispanic voters . And some of the [GOP’s] deftest strategists acknowledge that that complication might be close to impossible to overcome.” [Roll Call, 5/12/16]

  • GOP ‘Trump Effect’ Could Be Outdone in Nevada by Latinos Flocking to Democrats, Noted Professor Says. “Donald Trump is talking about all the new people (he has) brought in,” Herzik said of the GOP. “But the Democrats are doubling new registrants when compared with Republicans in Nevada”…The Trump/Latino dynamic could hurt GOP candidates down the ticket in Nevada, Herzik said. [Nevada NewsMakers, 5/11/16]

    • VIDEO: “Heck has got the problem that all down-ballot Republicans have,” Herzik said. “They’ve got to deal with the Trump issue, and particularly in Nevada, they’ve got to deal with the Trump issue on Latinos. And he is facing a Latina and a woman. I think that is a real problem for Joe Heck.”

  • Two Things Could Doom the GOP in Key Senate Races – Trump and Latinos. Republicans like Congressman Heck who are likely to share the November ballot with Trump, will also share the cost of Trump’s 87% unfavorability among Latinos. “This year’s electorate will be the most diverse in U.S. history, which makes it almost ironic that this election season has also been one of the most divisive against virtually every minority group…In Nevada, “since [2012], Hispanic voter registration has surged, and Latinos now makes up more than 17 percent of eligible voters in Nevada.” [MSNBC, 5/12/16]

Washington Republicans Busted for Spreading Lies – Sad!

  • A new ad from a Koch Brothers’ funded group was called out for spreading falsehoods about Catherine Cortez Masto’s record by selectively arranging facts to lead to a false conclusion. Despite the Koch Brothers’ attempt to prop up Congressman Heck, their blatant attacks on his opponent were exposed as being blatantly untrue, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Steve Sebelius wrote “No ‘Cozy Relationship’ In Settlement Case — AG Catherine Cortez Masto Did Her Job.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, Column, 5/10/16]

Unlike Congressman Heck and Washington Republicans, American Public Doesn’t Think Picking Supreme Court Justice and Celebrity Apprentice Winner Are the Same.

  • Despite what Congressional Republicans like Congressman Heck might have you think, the ability to pick a reality TV show winner does not automatically qualify one to pick the next Justice for the Supreme Court.

  • A new poll shows that the majority of Americans do not trust Donald Trump to fill the Supreme Court’s vacant seat, and barely more than half of Republican voters polled trust their Party’s nominee to fill the seat. Yet, as usual, Congressman Heck is following the lead of his Party’s bosses in Washington and supports Senate Republicans’ plan to go a whole year without doing their jobs and putting the task of appointing the next Supreme Court Justice to Donald Trump.