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“Trump of a Week” for Congressman Heck

Congressman Heck is supporting GOP presumptive Presidential nominee Donald Trump and, with it, all of his anti-immigrant, anti-women rhetoric

Even Senator Dean Heller knows sharing a Trump-Heck ticket “doesn’t bode well” for Congressman Heck

Las Vegas, NV – Dean Heller had a prescient week. Reince Priebus had a “Baileys in his cereal” kind of week. Congressman Heck had a Trump of a week.

Only hours before Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee this week, Congressman Heck reiterated to KSNV’s Jeff Gillan that he would support the Republican nominee. Days later, Congressman Heck doubled down on supporting Trump; his campaign even used Trump’s talking points! While Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan are, as of now, declining to endorse Trump’s anti-immigrant, misogynistic campaign, Congressman Heck made clear multiple times just this week he is all aboard the Trump Train.

Sharing a ticket with Trump hurts Congressman Heck (and Republicans).

Even Congressman Heck’s fellow Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller knows it!

Donald Trump’s nomination “doesn’t bode well” for Congressman Heck…“It’s still going to be very very difficult for [Congressman Heck’s campaign] to transfer a vote against [Trump] for him, especially when he’s running against a hispanic woman — [Democrats] have a great candidate on their side.”

“Some of the worst comments I think Trump has made has affected the Latino and Hispanic community in the Southwest – that’s the top of the ticket. I don’t care what Trump says, those members of our community do not like him, do not like him at all and they’re going to vote against him…the next choice is the U.S. Senate race…and I think it will have an impact.”

NBC News Battleground Map: Trump, GOP Begin with Disadvantage. Move Nevada from “Toss-Up” to “Lean Dem” following Trump’s presumed nomination. [NBC News, 5.6.16]

UNR Political Scientist Eric Herzik: “I have never seen Latinos mobilized this early…[Trump] is going to get killed in that demographic. And if that demographic turns out in higher numbers, that’s problematic for Trump and everybody down ticket.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Trump’s looming nomination poses problem for GOP candidates in Nevada. “Heck, who is trying to flip Reid’s Senate seat from blue to red, perhaps has the most cause to fret.”

Congressman Heck’s support for Trump means he owns all of Trump’s anti-women, anti-immigrant, vitriolic rhetoric.

Political Scientist Eric Herzik: Republicans on Nevada’s ballot “absolutely they should be nervous…Trump has alienated immigrants, women and Latinos, a growing and powerful voting force in Nevada…when Trump goes off on illegal immigrants and Mexican criminals, it comes back on [Congressman Heck].” [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

“[Congressman Heck] collects all the baggage with [Trump’s] comments about Latinos, about illegals, about Muslims, about women. He has to defend them…when you buy the Trump bag, you get everything that’s in it.” [KTVN TV]

Congressman Heck, we hope the #TrumpTrain has seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride and you’re in for the long haul!