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While Amodei Distances Himself, Hardy Is Still Cliven Bundy’s #1 Fan

Las Vegas, NV – In an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, career politician and lobbyist Mark Amodei declared that Cliven Bundy and his acolytes “don’t speak for me on anything to do with public lands.” But it’s a very different story for accidental Congressman Cresent Hardy, Bundy’s close friend and #1 fan here in Nevada. Despite being one of the most vulnerable House members in the country, Congressman Hardy still refuses to fully condemn or disavow the controversial Bunkerville rancher.

Even after Bundy said that African Americans might have been better off as slaves, Hardy was unwavering and continued to stay in touch with him. During a 2014 debate, Hardy proudly declared, “I stand with Cliven Bundy.” This isn’t surprising from Hardy, who once admitted he had concerns about running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District because it had too many minorities. Last year, Hardy kicked off a “Freedom Reunion” to celebrate the anniversary of Bundy’s armed standoff with Bureau of Land Management agents.

“The fact that even an extreme Republican like Mark Amodei is willing to call out Cliven Bundy is a reminder of just how out of touch Amodei’s accidental colleague Cresent Hardy really is,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “Even after another Bundy-inspired armed standoff in Oregon earlier this year, Hardy’s continued refusal to denounce his friend, the racist rancher, is an insult to the constituents he’s supposed to represent in Congress.”