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Congressman Heck is More Extreme Than Sharron Angle on Equal Pay

Watch the video here

Angle told (soon to be) Famous NV Dems Parrots she supports giving women equal pay for equal work

Congressman Heck has voted multiple times against paycheck fairness legislation

Las Vegas, NV – Wow, they actually do disagree on something. Today, the NV Dems released a new video reminding Nevadans of how out of touch Congressman Heck is with Nevada women – and, shockingly, how in touch Sharron Angle apparently is. (If you’re struggling to grasp the concept of that sentence, read on.)

Over the weekend, former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle spoke with the (soon to be) Famous NV Dems Parrots and confirmed her support for giving women equal pay for equal work (in addition to stating that she would like to debate Congressman Heck).  Angle’s support for equal pay is a commonsense position that her opponent, Congressman Heck, has worked against during his time in Washington.  In a rare split from Angle, Congressman Heck has voted three times against equal pay for equal work.

What does it say about Congressman Heck’s priorities in Washington that even Sharron Angle disagrees with his opposition to giving women equal pay for equal work?” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck has spent half a decade in Washington voting with his Party against ensuring Nevada women receive equal pay for equal work. It’s sad that the only issue where Sharron Angle and Congressman Heck seem to disagree is paycheck fairness.