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Roberson Breaks Silence, Embraces Trump

Las Vegas, NV – Republican Senate boss Michael Roberson finally emerged from hiding to confirm that he will support his party’s presidential nominee in 2016 – even if that means backing reality TV star and bigot-in-chief Donald Trump. After smiling and walking away from the same exact question last month, Roberson came clean yesterday at a CD3 town hall moderated by conservative talk radio host Alan Stock. Hours later, Trump swept all five primaries by double-digit margins and declared himself the Republican Party’s “presumptive nominee.”

From the Associated Press:

Candidates were also asked whether they would support whoever the Republican Party nominates for president, even if that person is the polarizing Trump.

“I do intend to support the Republican nominee,” Roberson said. “I hope as a party we nominate someone who can actually win in November.”

“Instead of denouncing Donald Trump and disavowing his reckless and xenophobic agenda, GOP Senate boss Michael Roberson has made it official that he will embrace and support him if/when he becomes the GOP’s presidential nominee,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Press Secretary Stewart Boss. “Time and time again, Trump has proven himself to be a racist demagogue, a misogynistic bully, and a birther who is grossly unfit to be our next Commander-in-Chief. It’s no surprise that in his thirst for power, career politician Michael Roberson would pledge loyalty to his party above what’s best for Nevada.”