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Congressman Heck & Sharron Angle Get an ‘F’ for Failing Nevada Students Suffering From College Affordability Crisis

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevadans were reminded that when it comes to solving problems for Nevada’s college students and graduates, Congressman Heck and Sharron Angle don’t even come close to getting a passing grade. Instead of addressing issues facing students like college affordability and student debt, Congressman Heck and Angle are only concerned with advancing their Party’s extreme agenda, even when it comes at the expense of Nevada students’ futures.

Congressman Heck and Sharron Angle’s commitment to blindly pushing the agenda of Republican special interests stands in clear contrast with Catherine Cortez Masto, who held a roundtable today with students and graduates from universities in Southern Nevada to develop proposals and solutions for the issues they face.

Congressman Heck and Sharron Angle have repeatedly failed Nevada’s college students and will only continue to do so in the U.S. Senate,” said Sarah Zukowski, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “In his half decade in Washington, Congressman Heck has voted to increase student loan interest rates and voted for reckless Republican budgets that would slash Pell Grants for 35,000 Nevada students. The choice for U.S. Senate is clear: while Catherine Cortez Masto will focus on solving problems like making college more affordable, Sharron Angle or Congressman Heck would make college even more expensive for Nevada students.”